The best past time these days is games .In today’s busy world every person around is engaged in doing their work got stuck in work day and night to earn more and more but at the end of the day we are humans not robots who work, work and work get charged again, work and shut down but we need entertainment too. There are many ways for entertainment like watching serials, movies, web series, and YouTube videos and last but not the least games.

Imagine if you are at you’re office working for past three hours continuously typing a long block of codes or doing laborious office work or have a great boring time with annoying client or long meetings you can just start watching the movie you might got disturbed due to any reason and have to stop the movie in between spoil the fun and makes you more irritated or anxious the best option here is Y8 games.

This is a best option for person of any age group just sit back and play your favorite game it will make you feel refresh and revive the spark you will start feeling energetic and the best part is you can pause the game in mid and can resume from there without losing the current status of game. At Y8 there were a numbers of gamming options to choose from, the kids can choose games that best suits them ,games for adults, mind sharpening Games, adventure games, shooting games and many more you can find to kill your time best option to remove boredom.