Magnetic Level Gauge is simple, Reliable and safe way to measure the level of fluid. It is safe for Feedwater heaters, Industrial boilers, Oil/water separators, Flash drums, Surge tanks, Gas chillers,Deaerators,Blowdown flash tanks, Hot wells, Vacuum tower bottoms, Alkylation units, Boiler drums, Propane vessels, Storage tanks, flammable, toxic, corrosive liquids because the fluid in the indicator never comes in contact with indicating glass and never cause breakage to the glass.

Comprehension of operation of the gauges is simple. The fluid in the tank has its level in the float chamber. The chamber tracks the level of fluids. There were magnets located 360 degrees around the floats inside circumference which move the visual indicator and actuate any switches or transmitters mounted on the gauge. A single can be sent to a remote location about indication and controlling functions. Additionally, alarm switches can be added, outer to the float chamber, for controlling purpose. The switches available in gauge can easily be moved up or down the float chamber without shutting down or disturbing the process.

Due to many reasons Magnetic Level Gauge US Manufacturer are usually preferred by customers though people can reliable on made in us products gives highly accurate results and are highly reliable very low maintenance instruments are developed and quality is always the superior there is very less chance of their break-down or even no such circumstances ever happen. The working principle of gauges is simple in terms of practical usage one can easily operate and install.