Field instrumentation is used to measure and monitor flow, level, pressure, temperature and analyze fluids its depending on the nature of field instrument required to measure the level and control various process associated with this making any industrial machine is not a simple task it requires complete accurate proportion of all the liquids and solids also the state of liquid what is actual temperature, quantity and quality requires all matters in automation process.

Measurement of level of liquids is very important it is very essential to choose right instrument for most accurate and reliable outcome. Level sensors or indicators detect the level of liquids, other fluids and fluids of solids which flow in an open or closed instrument. level indicator manufacturer introduce level indicators .Level sensors are widely used for industrial purpose .liquid level sensors used to analyze a variety of liquids, including fuel and oil also specialist fluids such as power steering fluid. They can also be found in industrial storage tanks, for slurries, and in household appliances such as coffee machines.

There are various instruments used to measure aspects of machinery fluids on different criteria such as level, purity, flow and quantity of liquids all these things matters. A Magnetic Level Gauge used to measure the level of liquids. A float able device is included in gauge which flows in both high level densities as well as in low level density. These are most accurate and reliable devices as well as very low maintenance cost is required to be spent on them.

Another low cost tool that is used in liquid level indication is Sight glass the sight level indicators indicates the flow of liquids and the direction of flow and at which rate it is flowing through the pipeline is indicated it is used to detect the malfunction and problems in flow of liquids and solids in the instrument.