Magnetic Level Gauge, likewise alluded to as magnetic level indicator is routinely used to give a show of fluid level in tanks and different vessels. They are frequently utilized pair with magnetostrictive, guided wave radar, or other estimation intends to give a dependable neighborhood show of fluid level, and also an electrical flag that can be transmitted to recording instrumentation or controllers. The positive properties of magnetic level gages include:

Ceaseless level estimation

Operable without electric power

Coordinate visual tank liquid level sign, paying little mind to tank shape or profile.

Extensive variety of working temperature and weight

Breakage safe development

Scope of development materials accessible to oblige destructive media

Measuring markers, switches, and transmitters mounted remotely, without reaching the medium being measured.

Low upkeep operation.

Meaningful level sign from more prominent separation than glass locate gages.

Applicable to expansive liquid level ranges with a solitary instrument.

The instrument is designed precisely by level indicator manufacturer because level indicators have a solid position in the fluid level estimation field and ought to be considered as a possibility for satisfying those applications where the magnetic level gage highlights satisfy the venture prerequisites. There are numerous alternatives accessible to redo the level pointer for every particular application.

Magnetic level indicators or Mag gauge are rapidly supplanting obsolete level innovation, giving repetitive, non-obtrusive level control. Inside the pointer tube is a lightweight charged marker or arrangement of metallic banners. The indicator is magnetically coupled to the buoy and climbs and down with the fluid level.