Magnetic level indicators are available with numerous options, including armored casings to protect the tube and float arrangement and limit switches to signal the attainment of specific level conditions. Combining a MLI with another level measurement technology, such as guided wave radar or magnetostrictive, can provide an analog process signal representing liquid level and serve as a redundant measuring device for critical applications. The process of choosing right Magnetic Level Gauge is quite complex and need precise attention. Some of concerns include:

  • Programmable – Choose a level gage that can be customized and will work consequently, even without watching it over and over. Current models have keys that permit programming and little screen that show details and results.


  • Controller – Choose one with a controller that gives you a chance to alter or change the settings of the gadget effectively and serenely. A few models have controller joined to the gadget, while others have isolate controllers.


  • Indicator – A Magnetic Level Gauge with an inherent caution pointer causes you decide if the fluid has just achieved a specific level or not. This is perfect for clients who couldn’t screen the estimation constantly or for visually impaired and debilitated people.


  • Evaluated for Sanitary Applications – Make beyond any doubt that your gadget is appraised for clean applications, for example, those found in the pharmaceutical and nourishment products. This will ensure that your gage is spotless and safe to utilize, notwithstanding to measure fluid sustenance things.


  • Empowers Slurries and Suspended Solids – If you intend to gauge slurries or suspended solids. There are gage models that permit this.